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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yarn Bee

Last week while at my local Hobby Lobby store, I came across some Yarn Been yarn called Finale', the colorway Aria.  Yarn Bee is a Hobby Lobby store brand, and the yarn is made in Turkey. 

I had never seen Finale' before but was immediately intrigued by the thick and thin yarn.

I purchased two skeins but had to make a return trip when I finally figured out what I was going to make with it.

I decided to knit a scarf.  I know, I know, this is a blog about crochet, not knitting. I'm just learning to knit so you may see posts about knit once in a while as I struggle to learn how.

I want a wide scarf that can serve as a wrap when needed and something long enough to throw around my shoulders and stay there.

I’m working on the scarf/wrap as we speak. As you can see from the close up, the fabric is very nubby. As a well meaning friend said to me "with that yarn, you could make a mistake and no one would ever know". And that's just fine for a neophyte knitter like myself.
Here are my basic instructions if you would like to knit a similar scarf

Materials 6 skeins of Yarn Bee Finale
Size 15 Circular Knitting Needles
Size 16 X 60 inches

Cast on 34 stitches with size 15 circular knitting needles. Knit row one and all subsequent rows until scarf measure 60 inches or desired length. Bind off.

This is a great beginner project. The scarf is going together quickly due to the large knitting needles, and as my friend said, mistakes won't be easily seen due to the nubby nature of the fabric.

When I’m done, I might stitch the ends together to create an infinity scarf.

I have about 1 ½ skeins left to knit, so that may take me a couple of days, but I’ll model the scarf or find a model so that I can post the finished project here.

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