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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knit a Ruffle Scarf

 Knitted ruffle scarves are all the fashion craze right now. Have yourself some fun and knit one of these scarves. Even a beginner knitter like me can make a really cool looking scarf. And if I can do it, you can too!

I'm showing  three different scarves that I knitted by simply casting on a few stitches and then knitting every row until I ran out of yarn. Do save enough yarn to bind off.

This scarf was knitted using Red Heart's new Ribbon Boutique yarn. This is a new  yarn for Red Heart. The ribbon has just a touch of metallic and you can knit this great scarf with just one skein of yarn. They even have a video on their website to show you how. Learn to Knit with Ribbon Yarn
Red Heart Ribbon Boutique

This next scarf was knitted using Yarn Bee, Chrysalis yarn which is available through your local Hobby Lobby store. I love the colorway. It is called Mexican Blue. Again, one skein will make a very generous scarf. I didn't use the entire skein when I made this one. The instructions are printed on the label.

Yarn Bee - Chrysalis

The final scarf was knitted using Crystal Palace Yarn, Tu Tu, which you can probably find at your LYS or an online yarn store.  I purchased mine from my LYS in Omaha Nebraska, called Personal Threads.  Here is their website if you would like to visit the store. Personal Threads.

The owner suggested that one skein was sufficient to make a scarf/boa, but as you can see it may be just a tad short for some.  If I use this yarn again, I will definitely buy two skeins.

Anyone of these scarves can be made for about $7.  All of them are suitable for a beginner knitter. There are plenty of how to videos on the Internet.  If you have seen these types of novelty yarns, but have been a bit intimidated to give it a try, just go for it.

I have shown all three of these scarves to my local knit and crochet group and the one that gets the highest raves has been the one made with the Red Heart Boutique Ribbon yarn.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Electronic Gadget Cover - Knit

I just finished this gadget cover. The design is by Amy Polcyn for Premier yarns. The yarn is Serenity from the Deborah Norville collection.
My gauge is pretty close to the gauge suggested in the pattern. I thought I was knitting a cover for my kindle, but turns out it actually fits my IPad better. The pattern information does say “stretches to fit a variety of e-readers, tablet computers and netbooks”
I would like to knit this again but scale the length back a bit to better fit the Kindle or Nook reader and use smaller needles so that the over all size is smaller.
As you know, I’m still just a beginner at knitting. In this pattern I learned ssk which means to slip slip knit, followed by k2tog, knit 2 together. This combination of stitches created the lovely chevron pattern.
If you are a beginner knitter too, try this fun free pattern.