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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Craft Fair

My  sister and I participated in a small craft fair on October 26th. It was held at the local community building and was the "first annual" craft fair.  We were disappointed with our sales; I think there were multiple reasons for this.

One we chose to participate in a craft fair that few people knew about because it was the first annual. Second, the craft fair was not very well advertised.  Third, the timing wasn't very good. The craft fair hours were 8AM to 1 PM, and Fourth the signage  outside the building indicated a  rummage sale, not a craft fair.

I'm not posting this to disparage the management of the community center for their efforts at hosting a craft fair, but for the crafter and  some things to be aware of when considering whether or not to participate in a craft fair. Are you considering a craft fair that is well established, has favorable hours,  and has been properly advertised.

My sister and I are still neophytes ourselves when it comes to craft fairs, but we are learning, and this was a good learning experience.

Still we had a great time just spending time together and that is worth a lot. You can't beat "sister time".  And we did have sales, just not as many as we had hoped for.

Here are a couple of pictures that I took with my phone of our table.  My sis  is into "re-purposing" wool coats and sweaters and my primary contribution is knitted accessories, mostly scarves.