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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Monday Night Auction

In our small town there is an auction consignment house. Sunday is the day they auction the “good stuff” but on Monday night it is more like the “American Pickers”.  People bring in what some might consider junk and what others might consider a treasure.  I like to think that I go to the Monday night auction to rescue treasures that might otherwise end up in the dump.
This last Monday night I hit the jackpot.  I rescued 6 skeins of vintage yarn. The yarn was made in France for the Wm Unger and Co., N. Y. It is labeled “Musette”. The fiber content is 90% virgin wool, and 10 % Angora rabbit hair. Each skein has 200 yards, 40 grams. The color is 571. I would call it heather grey. 
I wonder too about who owned this yarn, why did they buy it, and why was it disgarded. It appears to be a higher end yarn. Was it bought because it was on sale, (which is reason enough for me), or was it purchased for a special project, or is it left over from a project, or something  else.  I'm sure I'll never know the answer to these questions but that's okay,  I'm just happy with my new found yarn treasure.
I’ve searched online, but can find nothing about the William Unger Company, but I did find some vintage Unger Knit Magazines from the 1980s, and I did find quite a bit of Unger yarn stashed in Ravelry.
I’m quite excited about this yarn, and I’m anxious to start swatching with it. I haven’t decided what exactly to make, so for right now it will go into my stash. When I do decide to knit or crochet with it, I’ll let you know and if anyone knows anything about the William Unger Company please let me know.

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