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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lesson 3

It's been a while since I've posted about my adventure with the Craft Yarn Council's Certification Program. The reason is lesson three had quite a few pieces to complete.

If you have ever tried to substitute one yarn for another you will get a sense of what this lesson is about. For this lesson I completed six swatches in a variety of stitches, using everything from baby weight yarn to bulky weight yarn computing stitch and row gauge for each five inch square swatch. It was fun making the squares using: single crochet, half double crochet,  a cluster stitch, a popcorn stitch, a shell stitch and a ripple stitch.

Lesson three also covered the hdc stitch, methods of teaching this stitch, and common problems associated with teaching this stitch.  In the picture, the large red swatch is an example of using hdc increases and decreases.

I'm looking forward to lesson four, which will cover crocheting in the round. One of the assignments is to work a "beginner spiral project".  I'm thinking a stocking cap will be the perfect project for this assignment. Stay tuned. When I have the assignment completed, I'll post a picture and the instructions.

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