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Sunday, January 16, 2011

In Search of "Inspiration"

There are several crochet designers that I admire, but two that are my super heroines are Kristin Omdahl, and Kim Guzman.   I was curious about what “inspires” these crochet designers, so I read some of their interviews.
Kristin lives in Florida and one of the things that inspires her is the beautiful Florida landscape, but she can also be inspired by an outdoor café table top.
Kim Guzman receives her inspiration from photographs of pottery, and also by looking through  European fashion catalogs.
Since learning more about what inspires these two ladies, I have made a conscious effort to be on the lookout for ideas to inspire my own creativity. I now find myself looking through magazines and catalogs with new eyes. I even took a picture of a pedestal of a café table that has an interesting design; if it worked for Kristin Omdahl it  just might work for me too.
Here is a picture that I took at the local Bass Pro Shop yesterday of a sweater.  I love the design in this sweater, and when I saw it, I didn’t think about buying the sweater ( well maybe a little bit) but I mostly thought about an afghan, and how I might incorporate the diamond and seed like stitches. You gotta love it when you feel “inspired”

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