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Friday, December 30, 2011

Professional Application to CGOA

Today I am completing the application process for Professional Status with the Crochet Guild of America CGOA.

Professional Status is for "someone who has been working professionally (derives some of all income from this work) in the crochet field for at least 2 years" (

I have been an "Associate Member" since I took early retirement from teaching in 2009. Since that time I have devoted a considerable amount of time to the art of crochet and honing my crochet skills.

As proof of qualification I have included several documents with the application to show that I derive some income from crochet. These documents include a business card, a copy of my pattern from Quick and Easy Crochet Magazine, my State Tax Certificate, an invoice from a Ravelry sale, and a copy from my blog page advertising crochet lessons.

I'll let you  know when and if the committee approves my application.

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