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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yahoo Groups

If you like to converse with like-minded crochets artists, but time and distance are an issue you might explore “Yahoo Groups”.
I belong to several online groups which I have listed below. The short descriptions are taking right from the groups’ descriptions.  
If you decide to sign up for a group, I suggest you select  the “digest” format.  that way your inbox won’t be inundated with individual group updates.
Just go to and search for groups, or you can even start your own group.
Crochet Guild of America Professional Members. . You must be a paid member of the Crochet Guild of America, and have Professional Member status to belong to this group. The membership of this group is made up of many different crochet professionals including, but not limited to: EDITORS, PUBLISHERS, MANUFACTURERS, DESIGNERS, CONTRACT CROCHETERS, CROCHET PRODUCERS, AND YARN REPRESENTATIVES. All aspects of CROCHET may be discussed on this list

Crochet Partners is a very large group with over 6000 members. Crochet Partners is for crocheters worldwide. Their skill levels range from beginners to professional designers and publishers. Members love to share their thoughts, comments and knowledge about crochet with others, and believe that there is no such thing as a dumb question!
Knitting with a crochet hook    This group is using 2 different ways to do conventional knitting using tools that have crochet hooks on them.

Known in Asia as "Magic Needles" these have been called "Amazing Needles" in the US. Recently the term "Knooking" has become popular.

This has been a focused discussion group knitting_with_crochethook on Yahoo since 2004 currently with over 700 members, with files and links to help you get started.
Publish Crochet was created for Crochet Designers to learn from and discuss the business side of the industry. Appropriate topics include: general business aspects such as sales,
accounting, self-publishing, marketing and Copyright.

This list is not appropriate for those needing help with crochet techniques.

Tunisian Crochet. Whether you call it Tunisian, Tricot or Afghan Stitch, you've found the right place!  This group is all about Tunisian crochet and has a lot of files to share.

Have fun exploring Yahoo Groups

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