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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bryson's Baby Blanket

Bryson's Baby Blanket is my first knitted baby afghan ever! I wanted to choose a knit stitch with meaning and I found the perfect one. It is the feather and fan stitch.

The reason why I chose feather and fan is because Bryson's daddy is an avid bow hunter, and I know he likes to hunt turkeys. Soooo, the feathers in the stitch represent the feathers on the hunter's arrow, and the fan in the stitch represent the turkey's fan.  Get it!!

Here is a PDF link to my pattern using the feather and fan stitch.

Knit and enjoy. Bryson's Knitted Baby Blanket

Here is an updated picture of Bryson. He is improving but still in neo-natal intensive care. He now weights just over 4 pounds.

This little guy is a real fighter.

Baby Bryson, my great great nephew

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